The responsibilities,which are identified by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health Tourism Board (SATURK) , belonging to agencies that provide health tourism services are ranged below.

The responsibilities belonging to health tourism agencies are defined intermediary firm in health tourism and called ''facilitator'' in English. Facilitator means the person or instituation that lends assistance to others or makes thing easier. Accordingly, they are known as the person or institution that provides contact between service users and service suppliers.

1.Facilitators should be unbaised from the point of health instituations when direct them about patient's prefences and should not force guiding to especially one or more sprecific institution.

2.The process which is managed by facilitator has to be in accordance with the patients' prefences.

3.Facilitators should employ health professional who is sufficient in terms of health technology and being scientific when they make suggestions and present an opinion.

4.In process directing or managing with relation to the patients, facilitators firstly and especially should prefer the hospitals which fulfill the criterias accredited on the subject of health tourism. These hospitals should provide assurance with regards to reliability of clinical quality.

5.Facilitators should inform via website in order to ensure ease of transportation to international patients.

6.Facilitators should convey the detailed and enough information in terms of service groups that are provided by hospitals.

7.Facilitators should apply processes which are defined and documented by patient or the third person acting for patient.

8.Hospitals which are directed from facilitators have to having department of health tourism and translator staffing proportionally to the intended population.

9.Facilitators should use the articulable, standardize language and control list which are accepted in terms of sharing information with hospitals or patients.

10.The information about pricing policy should be announced to the patients to show that the reasonable cost estimate and treatment plan are made.

11.Confirmation of medical information and patient's data are taken and evaluated by hospital should be reported to the patient.

12.The process in the direction of administring treatment including telemedicine or other web-based ways should be shared with the patients.

13.The information about the interchange security of patient's and hopital's data should be presented to the patient.

14. The patient should be informed about health facility and all alternatives if the physician suggests.

15. An approval about agreed treatment plan should be received from the patients about agreed treatment plan.

16. Possible complications related to period that requires for treatment should be well predicted.

17.Patients should be informed about rehabilitation programmes, if it would be a case.

18. Refund policy and conditions to continue the treatment in case of any problem alongside necessary advance payment and payment methods are specified by facilitator.

19.If it is necessary, a support for visa application including confirmatory letter should be provided.

20.Informations about transportation to the hospital which is suggested should be published accesible and transparently either written material or via website.

21.Whole process which is consisted of flight plan, welcoming and transfer, until reaching the hospital should be coordinated.

22.Reservation and other services are rendered in compliance with the patient and companion. For example : shopping, sightseeing tours, museum and theatre tours.

23.Respontibilities and obligations should be enligthened in case of changing or cancelling the travel.

24.The patient should be informed about the probable tourism programmes after treatment or rehabilitation .

25.Necessary documents should be transmitted to the patient and the insorance instituation if there is any, after all process.

26.Necessary feedbacks should be gathered from patients and their relatives and sharing with SATURK and the hospital via software.

SATURK makes travel arrangements after travel period. It finalizes the preparations connected with the patients, facilitators, insurance companies, patients's acceptance and staying and provides this process's continuity. If the patient requests some services which are necessary and not medical, SATURK provides these with intermediary or contractual travel agents, airways and partners.