Treatment Process in TurkeyTreatment Process in Turkey

1. Patient's medical reports are shared with us for her/him complaints and diagnose.

2. Patient's complaints and files are shared with the physicians in contractual health institutions.

3. The foreseen treatment and medical process is transfered to our team.

4. You are informed by Health Services Team about the treatment process in Turkey and about the pricing.

5. Conditions for health Visa is declared to you from the time that you have decided to be treated.

6. Your appointments with the physician you preferred are arranged after the approval of the health Visa.

7. Your reservation is done at the hotel you preferred and your flight tickets are supplied.

8. You are welcomed by our team at the airport on the scheduled day and time.

9. Your transportation to hotel is provided according to treatment plan. If your treatment is in an emergency or it carries a risk of death, your transportation from airport to the health center where you will be treated can be provided with special ambulance.

10. The informative brochure about a cellphone you can use in Turkey, hotel where you stay and the area is given.

11. Meetings with the team who undertakes your treatment is provided.

12. Your treatment and medical processes are executed at any health center.

13. Several activites and cultural tours are organized before or after treatment if you want.

14. Your transportation to airport after treatment is provided.