Bone Marrow Transplant

Bone Narrow Transplant

Hematology ; composed of more than one sciences connected with blood and organs producing blood examines origin, development, structure and regulation levels of blood composition. It also makes blood transfusion, stem cell applications and bone narrow transplants.

Hematology expertness is known as a sub-branch expertness in medicine. Physicians who get expertised in this field are exceedingly educated people about internal diseases.

About Bone Narrow

Leucamia is a type of cancer preferred to treat with drugs on generally childhood. Chemotheraphy process usually takes 3-3,5 years the duration differs on each child and adult. It is observed that nearly % 85 of the patients improve in this process. Neverthless chemotheraphy can not be effective on some diseases. The method may be applied for people who can not respond the treatment is bone narrow transplant. The main goal of stem cell treatment is to transfer stem cells to the leucamia patient taken from healthy people. It provides normal blood production for patient.

Intake main stem cells on bone narrow transplant

Several tests are applied to understand whether tissue groups are in compatible or not.

  • It is possible to obtain compatible tissue groups ( HLA ) from siblings or rarely from other family members.
  • Also it is possible obtain it from people are not relatives.
  • It could be possible to freeze the patient's own marrow and then give it back to the patient again.
  • It is possible to take main stem cells with special and critical treatments from healthy people, then transplate them to the patients, too.
  • Newborn sibling's placenta may be used as a tissue.

Stage of intake bone narrow

Collection stage is implemented in hospital and operating there with anasthesia. By the help of special needles and injections, patient's bones are penetrated. Required cells are pulled into the needle. It is necessary to carry the taken stem cells next to the patient with special pouches and to inject them in establishing vascular access. Transferred durable and new stem cells start to affect in nearly 3 weeks. Damaged blood cells are repaired slowly. On some situations it should be necessary to wait for the adaptation of stem cell to the patient's body. For this reason transferred stem cell is supported regularly with extrinsic protectives during 6 months.