There is a layer of fat under skin which covers the anatomy of body as a cloth. The layer of fat keeps warm the visceral organs, bones, muscles and some tissues. Also it instulates the body against strikes.

Thickness of the layer of pat differs from areas to areas of body and specifies person's contour. Indeed, body structure in adolescence period is the period that the real body contour takes form.

Due to certain reasons, body form becomes tainted when it comes to thickening of subcutaneous adipose tissue. For defecting form's correction alongside the exercise and diet , liposuction is one of the most effective techniques which both gets results faster and provides shaping according to person's wishes.

Is the liposuction a slimming surgery?

The most important wrong information related to the liposuction is thinking it as slimming surgery. Whereas liposuction technique is an body building surgery out-and-out.
This technique, helpful in getting natural and quick outcomes, applied on stubborn subcutaneous adipose tissues which can not be removed by exercise and diet applications could be implemented on almost all areas of body.

Which areas the liposuction is implemented?

Implemented areas of liposuction are armpit, round patella ,waist circumference and the parts called belly and hip. Except these, any areas might be formed acoording to person's prefence.

How the liposuction is implemented ?

Liposuction application is to cannulise subcutaneous adipose tissue. Cannulas provide to be absorbed the fatty tissue with the help of vacuuming devise. An anaesthetic lotion should be applied to the area which is implemented liposuction for more homogeneous absorption. Thus, the fatty tissue becomes more fluid and pain is reduced so that it can not be felt.

Liposuction application is almost trackless.There might be minute amount tracks at the points where canullas connect.

Who can have the liposuction application?

This is one of the most important topics should be paid attention related to the liposuction application. When people with high skin elasticity have this application, results get more successful. Elasticity of body is weaker in people who takes and loses weight of large amount several times, drinks coffee or tea more than adequate and over 45.

Why is using corset necessary after liposuction application?

It's an application to increase success after liposuction operation. Using the corset is asked for 15 days or more according to experment's recommendation. It is also significant for becoming homogenous of application area and with regard to skin's bounce back.

Prices of Liposuction

Prices differ from person is in need of shaping level. We organize contacts with expert surgeons to inform about prices of the application which is deciced on the basis of certain drawings on the body.