Obesity Surgery

Bariatric Surgery

One of the biggest problems of contemporary life is over-weight. . It is possible to get obesity into this category along with surgical diseases caused by malnutrition. With getting over-weight physical appearance changes and some important diseases are triggered. Also the treatments of health problems are responded late. That is to say that getting weight and pay no attention on this situation may cause serious problems. The biggest one of these problems is the obesity.

What is the Obesity ?

Obesity is popularly known as the fat deposition of the body. This deposition occurs abnormally and exorbitantly. The increase in the cumulative fatty tissue on body may result lots of health problems. Especially the increase in the cumulative fatty tissue on belly is quite dangerous because organs can not work as required. It arises the basis of important diseases. Fatty tissue cause differs some hormone levels on body, too. However; feeeling fed up, increased appetite and need eating frequently happen. Obesity, showing the most increase in the world, is so serious that it can lead to death if precautions are not taken. It is observed that the obesity increases especially on older ages.

What is the Bariatric Surgery ?

Bariatric surgery on people with high body mass index or with weights cause diseases. The goal is the person return to a normal weight. Diseases may decrease or even destroy because of losing weight after operation. Obesity operations are implemented in some conditions. These are listed below :

  • People whose body mass index exceeds forty
  • The situation that diseases related to obesity come to threatening
  • Having obesity can not decrease with treatment, also patient can not lose weight with diets
  • Not having hormonal diseases
  • Not being used cigarette and alcohol

Obesity Treatment

Treatments differ according to patients' necessities. 3 methods are generally applied on obesity treatments. These are inhibitory, impairing nutrient absorption and both inhibitory and impairing nutrient absorption operations. Gastric balloon surgeries are one of the most popular ones nowadays. Also surgical operations and drug treatments may be applied.