The slogan of ''Early detection saves live.'' is quite important for oncology discipline.

Oncology is a discipline which examines cancer and tumors. It implements diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Oncology takes its name from a term composed Latin words of Oncos and Logos. Oncos means swelling and locos means science.

Building stones of body are the cells. Cells form tissues and tissues form organs. Cancer occurs at the cellular stage.

Cells occur, grow, split up and provide occuring new ones. When cells grow old, they die and new ones occur. But cycle does not always progress like this. Cells sometimes may not die even though they should and grow noncontrollable. The tissue growing abnormally is called tumor.

Types or Tumor

Tumors which are located in oncology discipline are seperated into 2 groups as benign and malignant. Benign tumors do not cause serious harm and they should be controlled in certain intervals.

But malignant tumors might pose a serious threat to the life. Some malignant tumors have a characterics that grow again despite they are removed from the body. They pose a threat spread through the body along with damaging round organs.

Disciplines that deals with Oncology

Surgical oncology, medical oncology and radiation oncology are among disciplines that deals with oncology. In case all these disciplines work in coordination, treatment and pursuit of disease can be implemented easier.

Surgical oncology has an important role in diagnosing and in removal of the tomor. Cancer drugs and radiotherapy are applied for patients diagnosed with cancer or for the cases that can not be treated with surgery.

Medical oncology interests in treatment with drug after being diagnosed diseases. In case radiation oncology consults the process of radiotheraphy.

Chemotheraphy Application

Chemotheraphy is one method, applied for patients in oncology discipline. The most available treatment according to the type of tumor is applied.

The goals are to destroy tumor completely, improving patient, prevent the spread, stop the growth and extinguish the situations caused by tumor.

Chemotheraphy is a quite effective method on cancer. But in some situations it does not destroy tumor completely, just decreases its symptoms.

Oncology diagnose cancerous cells and starts the treatment process. It determines the most available process for patient.

Treatment of oncologic diseases might take time depending on their place and progress.

Treatments applied regularly by expert physicians to get positive results.