Organ Transplantation

Organ Transplantation

Organ transplantation is described as transfering organs from cadaver or living people to the patient who is suffering from incurable diseases or organs that do not fulfil their duties. On organ transplantation, active organ is transferred instead of damaged organ. All organ transplantations can be fulfilled from lively to lively except heart transplantation.

Kidney, liver, intestine, pancreas and hearth can be transferred to the patient from cadaver. Due to the organ plasty, lots of people can be saved. The big increase has been on organ plasty nowadays.

How the organ plasties are implemented ?

Organ plasty operations are required care and expertness. On these important surgeons, modern surgical technology and techniques are applied. On trustworthy and without hemorrhage organ plasty operations, patients can return to their normal lives in a short time.After operations there will not any failures occur on patients' lives and there will not be any obstacles occur on their bodies.

Who can be donor for organ transplantation ?

Organ transplantations can be implemented among up to 4.stage relatives acccording to Health Ministry's instructions. But organ transplantation except relatives is possible in progress of received approval by Regional Ethics Committees. Also cross-donor variation can be done in legal framework.

In which hospitals can organ transplantation be implemented ?

Hospital should have higher-up service delivery to implement organ transplantation. The belief that organ transplantation process is only consist of surgical operation is incorrect. There are many stages before and after transplantation. Organ transplantation is implemented by the help of other units. Therefore it is important that the hospital has strength and potencial for organ transplantation.

Points to be considered by people who will donate organs

Everbody can donate their organs 18years and over and compos mentis. The document which shows that their organs were donated if an unexpected death occurs is signed in front of two witnesses by application to Health Departments, hospitals or related instutions. Then certificate of tissued and organ donation is received.

Also the donors should inform their relatives about this issue. If their relatives object organ transplantation process is cancelled regardless of documents. Under the condition that person's parents and relatives confirm, the donor's organs can be transplanted. If organs are compatible transplantation processes are implemented immediately.

Organ Transplantation in Turkey

Organ transplantation processes can be implemented at many health institutions especially university hospitals, in the direction of procedures applied in Turkey.