Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)
Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)

The external ear situation is described as positioning of the ears outer than regular as viewed from opposite side.The external ear may be arised by the reason of congenital or ensuing deformities. People may have several psychological problems because of the external ear. The most effective method to resolve the external ear problem is ear surgery.

Ear SurgeryThe age of ear surgery

The most prefferred age is usually 18 by parents who have a child having external ear problem. But there is no need to wait by the time 18 to be improved ear with external ear operation since the development of ear is ended up earlier than other organs. Psychological problems which occurs on child should be considered while deciding opeation time.

How is ear surgery applied ?

Ear surgery is an application to give the most correct form to cartilage which creates the external ear. Ear surgery may be applied with general anasthesia on children under 15. But it may be applied with local anasthesia on patients who are over 15. Ear surgery is a quite easy operation.

When ear surgery is applied, firstly a small incision is made behind ear. Then penetrated inside along the cut and the cartilage bone is shaped. It is important to put permanent and durable stitches on after the cartilage is shaped in order to keep the resheaping. It is possible to shape ears only by stitches, too. But this method is not healthy and preferred a lot . It should not be forgetten that stitches may tear the cartilage on this partially preferred method.

Points should be considered after ear surgery

People having the external ear problem may have the desired ear shape through expert physicians in short time.

It is important to be preferred equipped hospitals and investigated surgeons who applies ear surgery .

Patients should be lied down on high pillow after ear surgery operation. These patients are not available to do sports and lift heavy things in a month after operation.

Ears are bandaged on average 3 days after ear surgery operation. But unstitch problem is not encountered after ear surgery operations where the soluble stitches are applied .

Using sun creams should be cared if the operation is occured in summer.

How can I receive a treatment ?

You are evaluated by our expert physicians and informed about treatment process free of charge with the condition of adding the photographs of your ears, taken in different perspectives, to our application form published in our website and share them with us.