There are always risks in the treatment process. Our main goals are minimazing the risk and providing the treatment at the most realiable health instituations. All hospitals and clinics we work with have high technological qualities, well educated staff and the expert physician team. You can request contact information of our contracted health institutions.
Since the establishment of the Turkish Republic, Turkey is accepted as the health center of Middle east with attaching importance to the health by the high qualified technology and experienced pyhsician team.
There are more than 1700 state and private hospitals which works depending on Ministry of Health.
Your process starts from your decision to be treated in Turkey and the file which shows your treatment will be done in Turkey is sent to you by the health center that you where the physician you preferred is employed in order to be used in your visa application.
You are welcomed by our assistants when your plane landed at the airport.
Hotel bookings are done in accordance with your approval by the time you decide.You are placed into hotels by our assistants after airport transfering.
Your agency is also very important for your safety and comfortance as well as the factors like hospitals and physicians.. Turkey is one of the countries where you can live comfortably and securely in all respects thanks to the fast growing economy. Life quality is high in cities like İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir although the population is dense. Turkey, which is at the junction of the European and Asian continents, is especially preferred by the citizens of Asia and Africa.
JCI Joint Commission International is a certificate of conformity. Turkey is the leading country in terms of having hospitals with this certificate.
Before you come to Turkey please be sure that the validity of your passport is at least 90 days. You can stay as a tourist for up to 3 months with a single input depending on the country you came from. There is no need to have visa pre-application for many other citizens, they can get the tourist visa at the border directly. But you should click and visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to learn the valid visa conditions of your country. You can also apply to the Turkish Consulates that is located in your country. Turkish visa costs 10 euros for the passport of United Kingdom and it should be paid as sterling. The cost of visa for Americans and Australians is 15 euros and for Canadians is 45 euros. It is free for New Zealanders, 10 euros for some EU countries and it should be paid as euro. Visas are valid for 2 months and has many entrances. Every people included children have to take visa who has passport.
Cashpoints exist in Turkey. Consents and instructions of European credit and debit cards are in English and generally available. İnternational credit and debit cards are widely accepted at shops and restaurants in Turkey. However carrying cash is recommended for small stores and cafes especially in rural area. Traceler's checks can be exchanged at the banks, big hotels and exchange offices.
Shopping centers give service with lots of brands from 10 a.m. to 22 p.m every day. Museums can be visited from 9 a.m. to 17 p.m in every day of week except Mondays. The pharmacies which are closed on Sundays work from 9 a.m. to 17 p.m. On the other hand there are overtimed branches in all areas. Finally, lots of banks which gives services all across Turkey welcome customers from 9 a.m. To 17 p.m.
Electrical network voltage is 220 Volt and 50 Hertz. Central European type socket (two-pronged) and receipts are standard in Turkey.